INI Edit and Password Saver 2.4

INI Edit and Password Saver 2.4



Size:1.2 MB

Date Added:28 March, 2013

Author: Asger-P Software

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INI-Edit is a very fast and easy to use program, for creating and editing INI files and for managing all your passwords safely. If you are working with INI files, INI-Edit will handle all the INI syntax and file structuring for you. If you are creating or you just want to change some values in the INI File, INI-Edit can be a great help, with its very fast search function and its ability to hide all comments. From ver. 2.0 and on, INI-Edit can encrypt the file when it saves it, this feature makes INI-Edit perfect for organizing and storing your passwords in a secure way. A great effort have been put into getting INI-Edit to be as intuitive and fast to work with as possible. There is keyboard shortcuts for all the major functions, double-click edits both sections and items and there is a right-click menu for the few functions that don't have shortcuts and buttons. In well documented ini files, the show "Values Only" feature, really make INI-Edit stand out from its competitors, in php.ini file there is 1140 blank and comment lines, but only 180 lines of actual values, when INI-Edit hides all those comments the file get so much more manageable. INI-Edit remember the selected value item when you turn Values Only on and of, which means you can turn on the comments shortly, to see an explanation, without loosing track of where you are in the ini file. INI-Edit also comes with a password generator, so that you very easily can make a random password in any length you want.
Requirements: 3MB free harddisk, 5MB Ram

Systems: Win2000, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64

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